We are passionate about amplifying the potential of our shared humanity.


What we do

The Trailblazery has hosted over 500 trailblazers, reached live audiences of over 100,000 people, received national and global media attention and impacted over 2.5 million people around the world. We have conducted social research and are the custodians of a unique library of human stories and experiences. We join the dots that exist at the cultural intersection of creativity, leadership, wellbeing, psychology and social change. We are drawn to the future pull of human possibility.

Steered by creative director Kathy Scott, The Trailblazery designs and produces live events, learning experiences and cross-disciplinary research projects that tackle wicked problem solving. We offer creative mentorship programmes for people who want to ignite and blaze a trail in the world. We believe that amazing things happens when people collaborate to bend the arc of history in the direction of a world that works for everyone.

Now more than ever it is important to cast the celebration of our Irishness and our national expression against the backdrop of 21st century possibilities and a contemporary cultural engagement. I believe strongly that The Trailblazery provide that platform.
— Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Jimmy Deenihan

Who we work with

The Trailblazery first took flight as a creative gathering for people who blaze trails in their own spectacular or intimate way. Since our inaugural event at The Office of Non-Compliance in 2011 we have gathered a collection of provocative and inspiring stories from thousands of people with brilliant minds and courageous hearts. We have taken The Trailblazery on tour around Ireland inhabiting government buildings, historic prisons, decommissioned courthouses, masonic lodges, university campuses, abandoned warehouses, festival fields and sacred spaces. We collaborate with diverse partners, sponsors, stakeholders and clients to make it all happen.



Kathy Scott

Creative Director

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Kathy Scott is the creative director of The Trailblazery and is passionate about creating and curating experiences that celebrate the human spirit. She has worked and played with a host of artists, collectives, activists and pioneers around the world to make cultural projects that animate the times we live in. She is dedicated to creating work that orients around our shared heart centered qualities of courage, compassion and care.

Kathy has worked professionally as a curator, producer, creative strategist, communications director and campaign leader in the cultural arena in Ireland for the last 15 years. She is the creative director of the ireland:iceland project - an ongoing collaborative creative project connecting the islands and people of Ireland and Iceland. She co-curated and produced Pilgrimage Project - an ongoing series of multidisciplinary artistic residencies featuring artists and critical thinkers from Ireland, Iceland and Greece.  She curates and produces Wonderlust - a bespoke stage at Body&Soul Festival.

As an independent consultant, her portfolio includes some of Ireland’s cultural leaders: Galway International Arts Festival, Abbey Theatre, Dublin Fringe Festival, Project Arts Centre, Yeats2015, Dublin Film Festival, Body&Soul Festival, Imagine Science Festival, EVA International, Sounds from a Safe Harbour, A Lust for Life, Pieta House,  Rough Magic Theatre Company, Landmark Productions, THEATREclub, Crash Ensemble, Cork Opera House, Irish Architecture Foundation, Dublin Contemporary, Cohn Design, Ard Bia Collective, I.NY, AIB, Bank of Ireland, Dublin City Council, Dublin's Culture Connects, Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin.

She has contributed to The Irish Times,The Irish Independent, The Sunday Business Post, Cara Magazine, Image Magazine, A Lust for Life, RTÉ Radio, Lyric FM and BBC Radio on cultural affairs.

She holds a Masters in Arts Criticism and Cultural Policy from London City University. She has completed cultural leadership development programmes with Clore Leadership and Common Purpose. She has received funding awards from the European Union, The Arts Council of Ireland, Dublin City Council and UNESCO. She offers a professional mentoring programme for creative, social and business entrepreneurs to activate their trailblazing enterprise and elevate it to the next level.

Kathy has trained as a teacher in the Kundalini, Sivananda & Anusara yoga methods. She is currently training with Thomas Hübl as part of The Pocket Project – a global movement dedicated to deepening our understanding of collective and intergenerational trauma.


Our Story

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The Trailblazery was originally created by Kathy Scott, Clare Mulvany and Ciara Cavanagh as a response to a need for deeper human connection and belonging in our society. Our first live event took place at The Office of Non-Compliance which was part of Dublin Contemporary (2011). We wanted to build a trailblazing community so we created a platform to stir things up. We accepted the call to adventure and the story unfolded.

The initial events hosted by The Trailblazery were the start of a nationwide conversation that culminated with We Need to Talk About Ireland – a live event televised on St. Patricks Day and broadcast around the world via RTÉ and The Washington Post.

The next chapter of our story emerged when we sensed that our audiences wanted to participate in expressing and sharing their own stories so we expanded our repertoire to validate this and in 2016, Census of The Heart was born. We conducted our own human research into the emotional state of the nation 100 years after the Easter Rising and built a unique repository of knowledge that holds the intimate hopes, regrets, fears and dreams of over 12,000 people on the island of Ireland.

The current chapter of our story involves creating learning experiences for trailblazers of the future. We have worked with hundreds of trailblazing leaders across the cultural spectrum and have gleaned our own valuable learning’s, insights and aha moments along the way. So, we have developed a mentorship programme and a range of workshops and creative interventions to empower people who want to learn and develop new life skills, practices and competencies.



Our People

There are many great humans who have helped to shape the story of The Trailblazery from those early days to now. Meet The Trailblazery people.



 Rites of Passage 2013

Rites of Passage 2013

 We Need to Talk About Ireland 2014

We Need to Talk About Ireland 2014

 Northern Lights Observatory Dossier 2011

Northern Lights Observatory Dossier 2011

 Census of the Heart 2016

Census of the Heart 2016