About Solstice, ReWilding & a special bundle offer for couples


There have been moments in my life where I have experienced a feeling of interconnection with a force field bigger than me. These moments are spontaneous and mysterious and they are available to all of us. We have reciprocity with the natural world and whether we are on the Camino de Santiago or wild swimming in Connemara we can be reminded of this symbiotic relationship. When we rekindle our connection to nature, our own wild nature is revealed and the world becomes a different place.

Rewilding is a phrase commonly used to describe the restoration of land to it’s uncultivated state. But what about human rewilding as a route home to our untamed selves? I have been feeling a pull to do something different - to create an immersive experience that invites us to rekindle our relationship to our wild nature. On a recent expedition in the Dublin Mountains I found a sanctuary that feels like the perfect setting for a rewilding experiment. This will be our home on June 22 for Solstice.

Solstice is a one- day immersive experience brought to you by The Trailblazery. We are the people behind Moon Medicine, Wonderlust, Census of the Heart, We Need to Talk about Ireland, Rites of Passage and the ireland : iceland project. We will be hosting this rewilding adventure on the Summer Solstice in the same tradition as our ancestors who celebrated the longest day of the year with fecundity, sensuality and pleasure. This is an experience for men and women set on a country estate with panoramic views across the Dublin Mountains, Dublin City, and the Irish Sea. Amidst acres of wilderness, woodland and fields we hope to slow down, recalibrate and attune to the rhythms of the natural world.

A feast for the senses

Other adventures in store include experiential practices like yoga and movement sessions, meditation, sound baths, labyrinth walks, fire ceremony, ritual and a communal sit down supper with delicious food from our friends at The Fumbally Café. Our informal faculty includes Mari Kennedy {Yoga Teacher, Leadership Coach and Celtic Wisdom Holder}, Diarmuid Lyng {Father, Hurler,Campaigner), Michael Ryan {Yoga, Wellness and Meditation Teacher}, Carol McInerney {Movement therapist and Dance Teacher}, Susie Q {Meditation Teacher, Singer/ Songwriter and Social Entrepreneur}, Siobhan de Paor {Poet, Activist and Performance Artist}, Fiona Cribben {Mother, Artist, Wellness Advocate}, Victoria McCormack {Performance Artist & Ritual} and Chloe McHugh {Sonas Sound Therapy} with more to be announced. If you are longing for a call to adventure to celebrate the Summer Solstice and reclaim your wild soul then this is for you.

A special bundle offer for couples

We have a created a special bundle offer for couples on our website for €250 Euros which make sit easier for people to come together financially. There is a saving of €30 euros on this offer which runs until the end of May. Your ticket price includes sit down supper from our friends at The Fumbally

You can book your tickets here


We look forward to blazing bright and beautiful trails with you in the near future.


Kathy xox

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