Homecoming musings from the edge of the world....


Dear Blazers of Trails

Greetings from Cape St. Vincent in Portugal, the most south-western point of continental Europe. This rugged Cape has long been considered sacred ground the ancient Greeks called it the ‘Land of Serpents’ but the Romans preferred: Promontorium Sacrum (‘Holy Promontory’), the Latin origin of the name ‘Sagres’ (from Sacrum). For the terra firma-loving citizens of Rome, Cape St. Vincent was the ‘Edge of the World’, a supernatural vortex where the setting sun was dramatically submerged by the immense, unknown ocean. Nowadays, the most brilliant thing at Cape St. Vincent is the Portuguese Navy’s St. Vincent Lighthouse. Safeguarding the edge of the world, it hurls a powerful white beam 60 km into the dark expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. A spectacular location to ponder on the fragility of this place we call home….

Our Solstice Home

Our Solstice event on June 22 is a homecoming of sorts. We hope to explore human rewilding as a route home to our untamed selves. We are delighted to announce that our secret location for this adventure is the beautiful Orlagh Estate in the Dublin Mountains. Originally called ‘Footmount’, Orlagh has a fabled history and was built in 1790 by Dublin snuff merchant Lundy Foot. Frequent visitors included the Great Emancipator, Daniel O’Connell, Eoin O’Neill and Padraig Pearse. Until very recently Orlagh was a spiritual retreat and home to Augustinian monks. The rambling estate of meadows and woodland is also home to horses, deer, bees and the resident canine, Tuco.


The Irish Times

I wrote a piece for The Irish Times about some of the moments in my life where I have experienced a feeling of interconnection with a force bigger than me. These are the wild moments that have inspired Solstice – our inaugural uncivilised Summer School. This was a very personal piece of writing and it felt somehow fitting to be situated here on the edge of the world when it was published. You can read it here

We were also interviewed by Róisín Ingle for The Irish Times Women’s Podcast. Two of our Solstice guides and wisdom keepers joined me Carol McInerney (Movement Therapist and  Meditation Teacher) and Siobhán de Paor (Poet, Performance artist and co-founder of Wild Irish Retreats). In the podcast we chat about ReWilding, finding Orlagh Estate and some of the experiences and workshops in store on June 22. You can tune in by clicking on the image below.


For more information and booking details on Solstice and our June Moon Medicine gathering please visit upcoming events on our website.

Thank you for travelling with us, we hope to blaze trails with you in the near future….


Kathy xox

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