Countdown to Solstice: Our ReWilding programme + last few tickets for our inaugural uncivilised Summer School


Dear Blazers of Trails

We are counting down the days to our Solstice gathering at Orlagh Estate this weekend. I am getting all the feels as I watch our inaugural uncivilised Summer School take shape. Our guides are travelling from all over the country circle their wagons at the Dublin Mountains. Complete strangers soon to be friends are traveling from Los Angeles, New York and London and Berlin to be part of this ReWilding adventure. Our volunteers are working around the clock to make this a beautiful thing. The kindness of humans never ceases to amaze me….

The Solstice marks a time of celebration. We honour the light, our radiance and our connection to the Sun and the Earth. The solstice is one of the power gates of the Wheel of the Year and this portal represents the marriage of Heaven and Earth on the longest day and shortest night of the year. Every culture has festivals to honour this day and our ancestors around the earth built numerous monuments to commemorate this time. We have a very special experience in store for you this Saturday June 22 to mark and celebrate the Midsummer Solstice on our island home. There are a few tickets left so if you are feeling a pull then visit our website to guarantee your space here.

Solstice is a homecoming that weaves human connection with nature, conversation, movement, music, crafting, foraging, food, meditation, ritual and ceremony. We have invited some of Ireland’s great wisdom keepers to guide us on a ReWilding experience so that we can return to our senses, reclaim our wild souls and reconnect with the wild world that nourishes us.

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Ancestors in Training

“Our ancestors built huge bonfires on this day to celebrate their tangible connection to the vital power of the immense burning star that keeps our planet bright, warm and alive. It’s a good time to remember that we, like the sun, contain the power to nurture and sustain, and that we have a responsibility to burn as brightly as we can. This is the time to invite fire into our lives fire to burn away all that we have outgrown and all that no longer serves us; fire that makes the wild things grow in us, for which our inner selves have longed.

~ Cait Johnson and Maura D. Shaw from Celebrating the Great Mother     

You will meet some of our own native wisdom keepers for experiential pop up hedge schools and we will have talks that explore the wisdom practices of our ancestors and the next stage of our conscious evolution include cutting edge developments in the fields of epigenetics, quantum physics and neuroscience. Other adventures in store include experiential practices like yoga and movement sessions, meditation, sound baths, labyrinth walks, fire ceremony, ritual and a communal sit down supper with delicious food from our friends at The Fumbally Café and The Pepperpot Café and a welcoming pre supper elixir from Hendrick's Midsummer Solstice GIn.

Our Partners

Solstice would not have been possible without the support of many people including our partners AMA Music Agency and True Natural Goodness .

Here is a little about them…..

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For more information and booking details on Solstice please visit upcoming events on our website here

Thank you for travelling with us, we hope to blaze trails with you in the near future….



Kathy xox

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