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Session 1: How to find your True North:


Session 1:  How to find your True North: 

Let go of creative blocks, resistance and fear. Find your purpose and create clarity, momentum and personal power around it. This module will be led by Kathy Scott (Creative Director, The Trailblazery) and Ruth Meehan (award winning Writer and Director for TV & Film)

Stories are the heart of who we are as human beings. They help us to untangle experience and understand who we really are. Storytelling matters in all aspects of our lives. The stories we tell shape society and influence our shared experience. If we share our authentic message through a compelling story, it has the power to convince, convert and create a lasting impact.

The Trailblazery has a proven track record in the art of storytelling. We believe in the power of story as medicine for the times we live in. We have hosted over 500 trailblazers, reached live audiences of over 100,000 people, received national and global media attention and impacted over 2.5 million people around the world. Our new master class series is designed to be a practical resource in to helping to you ignite and share you trailblazing story with the world.


Kathy Scott is the creative director of The Trailblazery (We Need to Talk About Ireland, Rites of Passage, Census of the Heart) designing and producing experiences that showcase creative ideas, people and possibilities alive in Ireland and the world right now. She has worked exclusively as a curator, cultural producer + creative entrepreneur in the Arts, Cultural & Social arena for the past 15 years. Her creative portfolio includes the ireland :iceland project, Pilgrimage project and Wonderlust at Body&Soul. She is currently spearheading a project in partnership with Dublin City Council and Survey Monkey about culture, citizenship and wellbeing in Dublin City. She is also the artist-in-residence at the Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience. She has worked and played with a host of artists, collectives, activists and pioneers around the world to make cultural projects that animate the times we live in.


Ruth Meehan is a writer and director who has been producing award winning work for both film and television in Ireland and Britain since 1998. With a breath of experience in both factual and fictional storytelling for the big and small screen, Ruth continues to enjoy a tempestuous love affair with the unpredictable, alchemic power of visual storytelling. Ruth has also been an avid participant in the Trailblazery since it’s inception and has embraced the unparalleled opportunities it has afforded her to explore storytelling across the spectrum. Thanks to the Trailblazery, she has enjoyed hosting many fascinating conversations, with fabulously interesting people, about riveting subjects in unique environments.