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We can come home again and participate in our world in a richer, more responsible and poignantly beautiful way than before
— Joanna Macy, The Great Turning


-a rewilding adventure at Orlagh Estate the heart of the Dublin Mountains

The Traiblazery presents SOLSTICE, a one-day cultural immersion weaving human connection with nature, conversation, movement, music, crafting, food, meditation, ritual, ceremony and other creative workshops and experiences.

SOLSTICE is a rewilding experience for men and women set in an Irish country mansion with a fabled history on an 100 acre estate with panoramic views of Dublin City, Howth Head and the Irish Sea. This adventure exists somewhere between a holistic retreat in the wilderness and an uncivilised summer schools and is designed to re-kindle our connection to our untamed nature.

You will be guided through a potent combination of sacred and evolutionary practices, conversations and experiences with some of Ireland’s leading wisdom keepers and blazers of trails including Mary Reynolds {Nature Activist and co-founder of We Are the Ark}, Nature Margie Jean Lewis {Musician, Singer, & Artist}, Diarmuid Lyng {Father, Hurler &Campaigner},  Mari Kennedy {Yoga Teacher, Leadership Coach, & Celtic Wisdom Holder}, Michael Ryan {Yoga, Wellness & Meditation Teacher}, Carol McInerney{Movement therapist & Dance meditation teacher}, Susie Q {Meditation Teacher, Singer/ Songwriter &Social Entrepreneur}, Siobhan de Paor {Poet & Performance Artist}, Fiona Cribben {Mother, Artist & Wellness Advocate}, Victoria McCormack {Performance Artist &Ritual} and Chloe McHugh {Sonas Sound Therapy} with more to be announced…

Sometimes we forget that the universe is alive and that we are an integral part of that aliveness. SOLSTICE is a homecoming designed to celebrate the Celtic midsummer festival in the same tradition as our ancestors have throughout the ages.  We are gathering together to share a sense of belonging and participation with our wild selves and the wild world that nourishes us. If you are longing for a call to adventure to celebrate the Summer Solstice and reclaim you wild soul then this is for you.

Rewilding experiences in store:

·      Yoga and Movement Sessions ·  WildCrafting Workshops ·  Earth Medicine Practices ·  Conversation

·      Sound Baths ·  Labyrinth Walks ·  Live Music Performance ·  Fire Ceremony Ritual ·  Acoustic Meditation

+ a communal supper with delicious food from our friends at The Fumbally.

Event detail:

Date: Saturday June 22

Time: 12midday to 10pm


Early Bird: €130 {runs to May 12}

Tier 2: €140 {runs to May 31}

Final Tier: €150 

*Your ticket price includes a sit down supper

About The Trailblazery

Solstice is brought to you by The Trailblazery.

We are the people behind Moon Medicine, Wonderlust, Census of the Heart, We Need to Talk about Ireland, Rites of Passage and the ireland : iceland project. The Trailblazery is a cultural agency dedicated to creatively activating the spirit of our times so that we can take better care of ourselves, each other and this place we call home. We do this by designing and producing live events, learning experiences, mentorship programmes and cross-disciplinary research projects that tackle wicked problem solving. We champion and celebrate people who challenge the status quo and blaze trails in their own spectacular or intimate way.

The Trailblazery was created as a response to a need for deeper human connection and belonging in our society. We are committed to exploring a shared future that orients around our innate heart-centered values of courage, compassion and care. We believe in harnessing the power of inspiring stories as medicine for the times we live in. Our live events have been described as “nourishment for the soul” and we partner with incredibly talented people to deliver inspirational experiences that celebrate storytelling, music, performance, poetry, film and choral spectacle. We have hosted over 500 trailblazers, reached live audiences of 100,000+ people, received national and global media attention and impacted over 2.5 million people around the world. We have a track record in successfully designing, delivering and communicating large-scale cultural projects.