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nudging humanity forward,

one story at a time.


The Trailblazery is a cultural agency dedicated to creatively activating the spirit of our times so that we can take better care of ourselves, each other and this place we call home. We do this by designing and producing live events, learning experiences, mentorship programmes and cross-disciplinary research projects that tackle wicked problem solving. We champion and celebrate people who challenge the status quo and blaze trails in their own spectacular or intimate way.

The Trailblazery was created as a response to a need for deeper human connection and belonging in our society. We are committed to exploring a shared future that orients around our innate heart-centered values of courage, compassion and care. We believe in harnessing the power of inspiring stories as medicine for the times we live in. We are here to shine a light on change leaders who are nudging humanity forward, one story at a time.

The Trailblazery collaborates with brilliant partners and clients across all industries, spaces and sectors. We catalyze pioneering projects that capture public imagination and promote cultural wellbeing. Together we create trailblazing experiences that inspire curiosity by asking big questions about what it means to be alive in the world today.

If you feel the call to blaze a trail, then this is the place for you.




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