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We create learning experiences for trailblazers of the future.



learning experiences

At The Trailblazery we believe that true innovation springs at the meeting place of diverse disciplines, fields and sectors. We understand that the future, the leading edge of human evolution, is being born through the emerging cultural spaces shared between us. We know that one of our greatest gifts is our capacity to continually reimagine the world and our place in it, so at The Trailblazery we design learning experiences around themes that spark curiosity and disrupt business as usual.

We produce master classes, workshops and creative interventions for people who want to learn and develop new life skills, practices, competencies and capacities. Our learning experiences are spaces for people to participate, contribute and have fun along the way. We work with schools, universities, festivals, businesses and government to create immersive learning opportunities. We have produced music education projects with children, designed a series of hedge schools with international trailblazing pioneers and hosted cultural salons all over the island of Ireland.