Our Story

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The Trailblazery was originally created by Kathy Scott, Clare Mulvany and Ciara Cavanagh as a response to a need for deeper human connection and belonging in our society. Our first live event took place at The Office of Non-Compliance which was part of Dublin Contemporary (2011). We wanted to build a trailblazing community so we created a platform to stir things up. We accepted the call to adventure and the story unfolded.

The initial events hosted by The Trailblazery were the start of a nationwide conversation that culminated with We Need to Talk About Ireland – a live event televised on St. Patricks Day and broadcast around the world via RTÉ and The Washington Post.

Since 2014, Kathy Scott has led The Trailblazery mission and collaborated with an inspirational team of cultural creatives. The next chapter of The Trailblazery story evolved when she sensed that our audiences wanted to participate in expressing and sharing their own stories so we expanded our repertoire to validate this and in 2016, Census of The Heart was born. We conducted our own human research into the emotional state of the nation 100 years after the Easter Rising and built a unique repository of knowledge that holds the intimate hopes, regrets, fears and dreams of over 12,000 people on the island of Ireland.

The current chapter of our story involves creating learning experiences for trailblazers of the future. We have worked with hundreds of torch bearers across the cultural spectrum and have gleaned many valuable learning’s, insights and aha moments along the way. So, we have developed a mentorship programme and a range of creative workshops and interventions to empower people who want to learn and develop new life skills, practices and competencies.