Salon Series


A shadow on the Irish psyche :: The Statutes of Kilkenny

Kilkenny Arts Festival 2016

The Anglo-Irish parliament met in Kilkenny 650 years ago and produced a body of royal decrees that became known as the Statutes of Kilkenny. These Statutes represent a key moment in the colonial project and foreshadowed the continuously troubled relationship between England and Ireland in the following centuries.

In 1366 many of the Anglo-Normans who lived in Ireland had become ipsis Hibernicis Hiberniores - “more Irish than the Irish”. The statutes aimed to prevent the colonists from adopting Irish culture and mandated that the Irish conform to English customs before they could obtain certain social, legal, and religious rights.  The laws prohibited the Brehon Laws, the native Irish language and social interactions between the Anglo­ Normans and the Irish including music, storytelling and even hurling.

This conversation looks back to 1366 to trace the imprint of these laws on the Irish psyche today. Ivor Browne, Manchán Magan, Catriona Crowe and Kathy Scott explore the impact and legacy of postcolonial trauma on the human soul.


Stories from the Sea

Sounds from a Safe Harbour 2015

Stories from the Sea brings together a collection of artists & pioneers whose imagination and practice has been inspired by the power of the sea. Drawing on ancient myth, folklore and creative spirit this seafaring voyage charts how the sea has shaped our cultural psyche as islanders situated on the edge of Europe and the great beyond. Stories from the Sea features conversations, reading, film and live music from a host explorers all influenced by the pull of the deep. Guests included including Theo Dorgan, Padraig Ó Duinnín, Dr Clíona O’Carroll, Linda Buckley and Roisin Coyle, with musical performance from  Jófríður Ákadóttir


When Ireland met Iceland

Culture Night The Royal Irish Academy of Music 2013

The Trailblazery made a special pop up appearance on Culture Night with an evening of words and music from Iceland and Ireland at The Royal Irish Academy of Music. We were beyond thrilled to host one of Iceland’s most provocative cultural voices Andri Snær Magnason – author of Dreamland, LoveStar, The Story of the Blue Planet, Bonus Poetry and celestial songstress Nina Hynes and some other special guests.