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Moon Medicine – a monthly mystery gathering for wild women

The psyches and souls of women also have their own cycles and seasons of doing and solitude, running and staying, being involved and being removed, questing and resting, creating and incubating, being of the world and returning to the soul-place.
—  Clarissa Pinkola Estés 

The Trailblazery presents Moon Medicine – a monthly gathering for women to coincide with the Full Moon cycle of 2019. This is an invitation for women who are ready to harness their inner power and reclaim their wild feminine nature.

In a world where women can feel increasingly disconnected from their inner selves and the world around them, Moon Medicine offers an alchemical path to reconnection. In light of Repeal and the rising momentum of women worldwide speaking out, stepping up and reclaiming their power, this is a special opportunity to rediscover and celebrate your own creative feminine life force. Hosted by Kathy Scott {Creative Director of The Trailblazery} - this series of monthly mystery gatherings will illuminate the magical gifts of the Moon at special locations around the city of Dublin as 2019 unfolds.

Women have been gathering in circle and creating sacred space together since the dawn of time – this is our ‘soul-place’.  The Moon or La Luna is a feminine symbol, universally representing the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle. Just as the moon influences the ebbs and flows of the ocean tides, studies show that we too are influenced by the magnetic pull of the lunar forces. According to the Farmers Almanac the Moon's twenty-eight day cycle also influences the weather, crop growth, animal and human fertility. In her book Moon Dance: The Feminine Dimensions of Time, Sioux Rose says the lunar cycle directly impacts our emotions and “energises the collective unconscious.”. Moon Medicine is an opportunity to tune into the gifts of the Lunar Cycle and meet a host of inspiring trailblazing women along the way.

How does it work?

12 Gatherings: Moon Medicine is a series of monthly gatherings hosted by Kathy Scott. The gatherings are designed to track and synchronise with the lunar cycle and will take place on every Full Moon date in 2019. {See dates below}.

12 Locations: Moon Medicine is a moveable feast and will take place at different sites around Dublin City. Locations include historical buildings, museums, industrial studios, galleries, sacred spaces, seaside locations (for night swimming) and other curious places of interest.

12 Trailblazing Women: Every gathering also invites a guest female luminary to share Her story. Expect to meet a host of trailblazing women from artists to activists, astrologers, cultural creatives, dj’s, disruptors, gong bathers, herbalists, healers, music makers, mythologists, sea swimmers and other inspiring keepers of the flame

What does it involve?

We will be drawing from a deep well to find resources that will support you throughout the year ahead. We will explore the gifts of the lunar cycle as a map of empowerment for women’s wellbeing today.

Each Moon Medicine gathering will include experiential practices from the ancient wisdom traditions including yoga, movement, kundalini kriya, meditation, breath work and sound current. There will also be dancing, sea swimming and live music.

Expect to learn about some of the sacred rituals and secret practices that have supported women’s health and wellness throughout the ages. We also will hear the stories of women who have gone before us blazing trails across the cultural, political and social realms in Ireland and beyond. All are welcome and no experience is necessary.

A host of trailblazing women

Every Moon Medicine gathering invites a guest female luminary / creatrix to share Herstory with us. You will meet a host of trailblazing women from artists to activists, astrologers, cultural creatives, dj’s, disruptors, gong bathers, herbalists, healers, music makers, mythologists, sea swimmers and other inspiring keepers of the flame.

Guest Luminaries throughout the year include:

Lian Bell | Designer, Activist and Founder of Waking the Feminists

Sally Foran | DJ, Crafter, Storyteller and Global Buzz Conductor

Oonagh Kearney | Filmmaker, screenwriter, activist

Annemarie Kenny | Astrologer, Ancestral Healer & Storyteller

Mari Kennedy | Women's Leadership Coach, Celtic Wisdom teacher and entrepreneur

Judith McAdam | Author, Theologian, Kinesiologist and Spiritual Life Coach

Victoria McCormack &Ritual | Performance Artist, Curator andMaker

Kitty Maguire | Yin Yoga Teacher, Storyteller and Sacred Space holder for Women

Laura Murphy | Pilgrim, Writer and Keeper of the Celtic Flame

Karen Ward | Founder of Moon Mná, Therapist and Medicine Woman

This is the medicine for you if you feel called to:

·      Step into your personal power

·      Connect with a brilliant circle of inspiring women

·      Explore the gifts of the feminine and weave them into your daily life

·      Embody sacred practices and rituals inherited from a lineage of wisdom keepers

·      Move with the natural cycles and rhythms of Mother Earth

·      Honour your feminine ancestral line

·      Learn from wild women who are blazing trails in Ireland today

·      Study the Wild Woman Archetype , The Heroine’s Journey and other stories.

·      Experience transformational self-care practices to support you on your path of awakening


Moon Medicine is a moveable feast, gathering momentum as we flow through the city. Sites include historical buildings, musuems, industrial studios, galleries, sacred spaces, seaside locations (for night swimming) and other curious places of interest.

Each location will be announced in advance of our monthly gathering.

Date + Time                           Venue

1.    Sunday Jan 20 | 7-9pm                 The Fumbally Stables, Dublin 8

Details: Our first gathering falls on a Total Lunar Eclipse. With the Lunar eclipse, the earth comes between the Sun and the Moon. Sometimes we get a blood red moon as the earth’s shadow slowly creeps across its crater face. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Wolf Moon because this was the time of year when hungry wolf packs howled outside their camps. This moon has also been know as the Old Moon and the Moon After Yule. This is also the first of three super moons for 2019. 

Our Guest Luminary for our inaugural gathering will be

Annemarie Kenny | Astrologer, Ancestral Healer & Storyteller

About Annemarie -

I have been known to work with the Earth, gather wisdom, re-connect with my Ancestors, tell stories, join with others to heal our past, connect with the Heavens through astrology, weave and mend. Growing up in Ireland, there was a sense for me, of lost ground under us, slipped stitches that needed to be recovered and woven back into our post-modern lives. This path of reclamation and restoration has led me into a deep feminine dive into our collective evolution from Neolithic times, our relationship with the Earth and Cosmos, Ancestral wisdom and trauma, ecological, astrological and evolutionary inquiry.

Starting out as social science student, I went to London to study Psychosynthesis, when I returned 5years later my senses opened to the beauty and vitality of the Earth of Ireland. I needed to deepen and restore lost ground and became drawn to learn from a host of inspiring teachers around the world including Joanna Macey, John Seed, Grandmother Nanatassis, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Patrica Albere, Nassim Haramein and Thomas Huebl. There was great benefit to me in deep immersions with the indigenous peoples in Hawaii, Peru and Bolivia while closer to home I have been inspired and informed in the company and teachings of fellow seekers and restorers Emer Cloherty, Sean O’ Duinn, John Moriarty and Kitty Joyce. I am passionate about weaving together all of these influences to help regenerate the sacred intelligence of our ancient wisdom traditions and join it with the evolutionary pulse of the future. 

Other dates for your diary:

2.    Monday Feb 18

3.    Wednesday March 20

4.    Thursday April 18

5.    Saturday May 18                                

6.   Sunday June 16

7.    Tuesday July 16                                              

8.    Wednesday Aug 14

9.    Friday Sept 13

10.  Sunday Oct 13

11.  Monday Nov 11

12.  Wednesday Dec 11


  1. €370 euros: Moon Medicine annual membership subscription. This includes attending all 12 Moon Medicine Gatherings. You will also receive a direct download of lunar intel including writings, recordings, resources, practices, self inquiry questionnaire and reading material delivered directly into your inbox every month. Offer open until Jan 18

  2. €35 euros : drop-in rate per gathering. Advance booking is recommended as spaces will be limited.


Kathy Scott has been traveling the world as a passionate student and brave pioneer of practices that bring people into intimate contact with their creativity and power. As a teacher, she beautifully weaves together all that she has gathered into a rich and generous offering. This is a deeply nourishing and powerful brew, especially for women

Annie Ryan, Artistic Director Corn Exchange

Kathy Scott creates an utterly transcendent yoga experience.  I attended her recent Rising Feminine Medicine Yoga Programme and it exceeded any expectations that I might have had on a mental, emotional, energetic and deeply feminine level.  Her classes are packed full of wisdom, kindness, practical yoga asanas and meditative exercises that flowed off the mat with me and seamlessly threaded into my days for the rest of the week.  Kathy elegantly weaves a powerful depth and breath of experience into all of her classes. Such a restorative weekly tonic.  I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Nadine McCarthy Performance Consultant

Kathy Scott is one of a kind. She has a rare and special gift of teaching, her classes are unique, authentic and raw. Kathy has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and brings together the most beautiful blend to her teachings . She offers unique pearls of women’s wisdom and deep feminine sensuality into all of her classes. Without doubt the most nourishing and beautiful classes I have ever gone to. Thank you Kathy for sharing your gifts.

Michelle Drury, Auriel Yoga Studio

Kathy Scott blazes a new and exciting trail using yoga as a way of expressing her higher purpose in this life. She has the powerful ability to align with Source in a way that allows this magnificent energy to flow in her, for her and through her. This invariably enables you to reach into the very core of your own being accessing the Divine feminine power that lies deep within you. Kathy is an embodiment of that wonderful feminine energy that has the potential to rise within us all.

Judith McAdam, Author, Theologian, Kinesiologist and Spiritual Life Coach

About Me.

Yogi, Curator, Creative Entrepreneur and Cultural Acupuncturist; I have been practicing and teaching yoga for over 15 years. I have trained as a teacher in the Kundalini, Sivananda & Anusara yoga methods and am committed to continually developing my practice and teaching. I am deeply influenced by the teachings of Elena Brower, Rod Stryker, Paramatma Siri Sadhana, Michaela Boehm, Thomas Hübl, Tara Brach and many more luminaries on and off the mat. I recently designed Rising Feminine Medicine - an ongoing alchemical practice inviting women to free their mind, open their heart, come home to their body and reclaim their wild feminine nature. I am currently participating on an ongoing tantric training with Michaela Boehm called The Wild Woman’s Way.

I am the curator and founder of many creative projects and enterprises in Ireland including The Trailblazery, the ireland : iceland project, The Wonderlust Stage at Body & Soul. I am currently creative-in-residence at Trinity College Dublin. I support creative entrepreneurs to clarify, strategize and share their unique vision with the world by offering a professional mentoring programme that activates and elevates their trailblazing enterprise. I recently trained with Thomas Hübl as part of The Pocket Project – a global movement dedicated to deepening our understanding of collective and intergenerational trauma.