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☾✩☽ Moon Medicine – a monthly mystery gathering for wild women

  • Chapel of Ease Irishtown Gospel Hall Dublin Ireland (map)
Moon Medicine - a lunar love in. Over the years The Trailblazery events have been the source for all sorts of new ideas but now they have come up with an ancient one...
— The Irish Times, Feb 2018


The Trailblazery presents Moon Medicine – a monthly gathering for women to coincide with the Full Moon cycle of 2019. This is an invitation for women who are ready to harness their inner power and reclaim their wild feminine nature. Our next gathering takes place on April 18 at The Chapel of Ease, Irishtown Gospel Hall with host Kathy Scott and guest luminaries Lou Horgan | Yoga Teacher & Creatrix with Sally (Cinnamon) Foran | DJ, Crafter & Storyteller and Fiona Cribben | Artist, Maker & Wellness Practitioner - Scroll down to read all about Lou, Sally and Fiona. Our Full Moon April gathering weaves a range of potent practices and teachings with musical soundscapes, crafting and conversation to celebrate The Heroine’s Journey.




Lou Horgan, mama of two beauties, yogini and teacher of yoga has been sharing her insights and journey with her wonderful students in Dublin and beyond for over 16 years. In that time she has built a reputation as a respected and experienced teacher with particular emphasis and expertise in yoga practices specifically for women.Having spent many years studying classical Hatha yoga with some of the worlds leading teachers, Lou soon realised what is true for the yogi is not always true for the yogini! Lou’s objective and passion has remained consistent throughout the years since. She retrained in the yogic arts for women, reevaluated  and restructured practices to simply harness and reconnect women to what has always been there; our natural altered monthly states, our deep divine connection when giving birth, our decades of death and rebirth cycles that awaken our wise fearless self. Lou’s mission in life is to transform how yoga is taught to women.  Remembering these natural states, these power points and transformational moments women journey through is what she will continue to teach.

As the self-professed Lady Mayoress of Dublin in Waiting, Sally Cinnamon Foran is a bird with many ideas and high ideals. If musical taste is a valid candidate selection, she's got our vote. As a live DJ she has shifted people from seats to dance floors all over Ireland since 2001, with countless slots at all of Ireland's best festivals and club nights across the country. As a creative extraordinaire she is dedicated to the art of craft and recently made a pilgrimage to the land of her heroine and muse Frieda Kahlo. As a lover of stories she is always on the lookout for human stories that make the world a more interesting place.

Fiona Cribben is a mother and an artist who makes lifewreaths or healing mandalas to celebrate life. Her love of colour, textiles, found objects, paintings and jewellery design are entwined in each art piece. She has lived with cancer for the last 10 years of her life after being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2016, she began to change herself through meditation and is an advocate for self healing with the heart and mind. She is dedicated to creating wellness in her life and the lives of those around her.


In light of Repeal and the rising momentum of women worldwide speaking out, stepping up and reclaiming their power, this is a special opportunity to rediscover and celebrate your own creative feminine life force. Hosted by Kathy Scott {Creative Director of The Trailblazery} - this series of monthly mystery gatherings will illuminate the magical gifts of the Moon at special locations around the city of Dublin as 2019 unfolds. Moon Medicine is an opportunity to tune into the gifts of the Lunar Cycle and meet a host of inspiring trailblazing women along the way.


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  1. €300 euros: Moon Medicine Bundle of 9. You can select and attend 9 and attend of our Moon Medicine Gathering.. You will also receive a direct download of lunar intel including writings, recordings, resources, practices, self inquiry questionnaire and reading material delivered directly into your inbox every month. Once you have purchased you can email us to arrange your spots at

  2. €200 euros: Moon Medicine Bundle of 6. You can select and attend 6 of our Moon Medicine Gatherings. You will also receive a direct download of lunar intel including writings, recordings, resources, practices, self inquiry questionnaire and reading material delivered directly into your inbox every month. Once you have purchased you can email us to arrange your spots at

  3. €100 euros: Moon Medicine Bundle of 3. You can select and attend 3 of our Moon Medicine Gathering . You will also receive a direct download of lunar intel including writings, recordings, resources, practices, self inquiry questionnaire and reading material delivered directly into your inbox every month. Once you have purchased you can email us to arrange your spots at

  4. €35 euros : drop-in rate per gathering. Advance booking is recommended as spaces will be limited.


Kathy Scott has been traveling the world as a passionate student and brave pioneer of practices that bring people into intimate contact with their creativity and power. As a teacher, she beautifully weaves together all that she has gathered into a rich and generous offering. This is a deeply nourishing and powerful brew, especially for women

Annie Ryan, Artistic Director Corn Exchange

Kathy Scott creates an utterly transcendent yoga experience.  I attended her recent Rising Feminine Medicine Yoga Programme and it exceeded any expectations that I might have had on a mental, emotional, energetic and deeply feminine level.  Her classes are packed full of wisdom, kindness, practical yoga asanas and meditative exercises that flowed off the mat with me and seamlessly threaded into my days for the rest of the week.  Kathy elegantly weaves a powerful depth and breath of experience into all of her classes. Such a restorative weekly tonic.  I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Nadine McCarthy Performance Consultant

Kathy Scott is one of a kind. She has a rare and special gift of teaching, her classes are unique, authentic and raw. Kathy has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and brings together the most beautiful blend to her teachings . She offers unique pearls of women’s wisdom and deep feminine sensuality into all of her classes. Without doubt the most nourishing and beautiful classes I have ever gone to. Thank you Kathy for sharing your gifts.

Michelle Drury, Auriel Yoga Studio

Kathy Scott blazes a new and exciting trail using yoga as a way of expressing her higher purpose in this life. She has the powerful ability to align with Source in a way that allows this magnificent energy to flow in her, for her and through her. This invariably enables you to reach into the very core of your own being accessing the Divine feminine power that lies deep within you. Kathy is an embodiment of that wonderful feminine energy that has the potential to rise within us all.

Judith McAdam, Author, Theologian, Kinesiologist and Spiritual Life Coach

About Me.

Yogi, Curator, Creative Entrepreneur and Cultural Acupuncturist; I have been practicing and teaching yoga for over 15 years. I have trained as a teacher in the Kundalini, Sivananda & Anusara yoga methods and am committed to continually developing my practice and teaching. I am deeply influenced by the teachings of Elena Brower, Rod Stryker, Paramatma Siri Sadhana, Michaela Boehm, Thomas Hübl, Tara Brach and many more luminaries on and off the mat. I recently designed Rising Feminine Medicine - an ongoing alchemical practice inviting women to free their mind, open their heart, come home to their body and reclaim their wild feminine nature. I am currently participating on an ongoing tantric training with Michaela Boehm called The Wild Woman’s Way.

I am the curator and founder of many creative projects and enterprises in Ireland including The Trailblazery, the ireland : iceland project, The Wonderlust Stage at Body & Soul. I am currently creative-in-residence at Trinity College Dublin. I support creative entrepreneurs to clarify, strategize and share their unique vision with the world by offering a professional mentoring programme that activates and elevates their trailblazing enterprise. I recently trained with Thomas Hübl as part of The Pocket Project – a global movement dedicated to deepening our understanding of collective and intergenerational trauma.